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William M. Lawler

My relationship to Epilepsy started six years ago. It started four months after being attacked and hitting the back of my head on a curb which caused a TBI. I …

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Sheryl Corbit

Working with people who have Epilepsy during the summers at the Epilepsy Foundation in Houston, Texas over the past 6 or 7 years has taught me that as a whole, …

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Sherry Mooney

The hardest struggle I had with my child who has epilepsy is acceptance. Not mine, but hers. She refused to acknowledge that she had it and decided she did not …

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Melanie Rushing

In our case, Epilepsy wasn’t the first issue we had to deal with. When our son was 4 years old he suffered a massive stroke affecting 75-80% of the left …

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Lisa Durr

My biggest struggle right now is letting go of the life I imagined for my son and family, and accepting the challenges that lie ahead of us for many years. …

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