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Superhero family at the Walk to END EPILEPSY. They walk to support research for their young daughter with epilepsy.Epilepsy affects millions of people worldwide. This includes young children and senior citizens. It also affects parents, business executives, teachers, students, and retirees enjoying their golden years. Epilepsy does not discriminate. In the United States, it is estimated that 1 in 26 people will develop epilepsy at some point in their life. That means you or someone you know will likely be affected by epilepsy. Despite how many people are impacted by this condition, medications can prevent or reduce seizures, but they do not cure the underlying epilepsy. That is why the Epilepsy Foundation is here for you, and why we support epilepsy research.

The Epilepsy Foundation

The Epilepsy Foundation of America is committed to epilepsy research. Because of this, the Epilepsy Foundation is proud to be the largest non-government supported advocate of epilepsy research in the United States. Our goal is to learn more about epilepsy, find new and innovative treatment options, and find cures for this condition.

Areas of Epilepsy Research

Epilepsy research aims reach far and wide in order to support people with all aspects of the condition. One area of study is seizure management. For people diagnosed with epilepsy, learning how to control seizures is of the utmost importance. Therefore, current research focuses on new treatment breakthroughs to find relief for the millions of people who manage and live with the condition daily. Improved treatment options are promising with increased understanding of epilepsy.

Areas of epilepsy research are always evolving. The Epilepsy Foundation of America supports researching new ideas, promising discoveries, and potential breakthroughs. Studies are also conducted to examine severe presentations of the condition, cognitive and psychiatric complications, and morbidity. Areas of research focus on specific populations in order to understand how epilepsy affects youth, women, and seniors.

Advocacy Efforts

The Epilepsy Foundation understands that the fight against epilepsy is a group effort. That is why we also devote time and resources toward advocacy. As a community, we work hard to raise awareness of epilepsy, seeking increased federal funding for current and new research projects.

The need for support does not end there. The Epilepsy Foundation wants to partner with people like you. Support from people like you makes it possible to continue funding research projects that will change lives. Please consider making a donation today. You can also raise awareness in your community or lobby your local congressman for support. By working together, it is possible to find cures for epilepsy. Let’s end epilepsy together! Contact the Epilepsy Foundation to find out more information on funding the fight to find cures for epilepsy.

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