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epilepsy dogThey are an alarm system. They are helpers, protectors, and service providers. So-called seizure alert dogs are all these things – and more.

The term “seizure dog” covers a variety of activities associated with a service dog’s response to an epileptic seizure. For instance, some have been trained to bark or otherwise alert families when a child has a seizure while playing outside or in another room. Some dogs also learn to lie next to someone having a seizure to prevent injury. Others are said to be able to activate alarm systems. Dogs that are trained to respond in various ways when someone has a seizure are no different from service dogs for other disabilities.

Because of these life-saving actions, public interest in seizure assistance dogs has fueled demand for dogs with these skills. Some people with epilepsy have found that trained seizure dogs help them with securing speedy assistance when a seizure occurs or alerting others for help. Dogs can be trained as service animals for people with seizures, and the law protects a person’s right to use the animal in any public place.

Seizure Alert Dogs

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