The hardest struggle I had with my child who has epilepsy is acceptance. Not mine, but hers. She refused to acknowledge that she had it and decided she did not need the medicine. It was a nightmare! As a parent of a teen you imagine all sorts of scenarios that can happen to your child even without the added fear of a seizure. There wasn’t much support in those days for parents or for those with epilepsy.

The anxiety was too real. I started reading up on the disease and was amazed to learn that people could have a normal life. The more I learned the more hope I felt. Knowledge IS power!

For those who do not know much about epilepsy I would have to say that they probably know someone with the disease. It can be controlled in many cases and there are many resources available now. It is important to know about seizures and what to do for the person experiencing them. You could save their life.

Sherry Mooney