I already have a superpower, I have epilepsy and I conquer the world each and every day with it. Some folks take advantage of their perfectly healthy lives each day and do absolutely nothing with it. But me, I put on my purple cape each morning and LIVE life to the fullest. To me, that’s my super power.

My biggest dream in life is to continue the quest to advocate on behalf of Epilepsy Awareness and share my journey of self-care. There’s so many people within this community that are unaware of the fact that they can help control their seizures just by paying attention to their body. Putting tools in place to help their doctors help them. I one day hope to work with others to create their own self-care plan tailored specifically for their own individuals needs and seizure triggers.

Whitney Petit
Adult living with Epilepsy/Parent to a child living with epilepsy
Epilepsy Foundation Texas Volunteer and Advocate