I am most thankful for caretakers. Many people sacrifice their own time to help provide a safe environment and healthy life for people with epilepsy, and many other disabilities. I am thankful for my family and friends who have been my caretakers, helping me in times when I was unable to help myself. My mother has always been my main caretaker; staying aware of my medications and dosages, even asking randomly if I’ve taken my medication for the day.

Recently I had a seizure in the lobby of my work building and went into a daze. A complete stranger came to help me. To this day I still have no memory of the seizure. That situation could have turned out differently. It made me so happy to know that people do care about each other and are willing to help in emergencies.


Veronica Crowe
Adult living with epilepsy/Parent to a child living with epilepsy
Epilepsy Foundation Texas volunteer and board member