I tell the kids that I want them to be able to safely do everything that kids do – I want them to go to school, to go to camp, to have great friends, to play sports and musical instruments, to go to college, to fall in love and get married and have kids. And I want them to know that their families, their medical team, and organizations like the Epilepsy Foundation Texas are all available to help them achieve those goals.

I tell their parents that I understand that it is terrifying to watch their child have a seizure and that we are going to do everything in our power to effectively treat their seizures. I tell them that we are also going to ensure that they know what to do if their child has a seizure, that we will help them educate friends and family and teachers regarding epilepsy and seizure first aid, and that we want to empower them to advocate for their child.

Dr. Meagan Hainlen (Pictured on Right)
Pediatric Neurology Resident
Houston Area Epilepsy Advocate and Educator