I found out this past month that I have Generalized Epilepsy. I was in a terrible car accident this past August that left me wondering what had caused it. I had blacked out and the last thing I remembered was getting a horrible headache. The episode happened once again but in front of my boyfriend. He knew exactly what it was, as he explained that his brother had seizures as a child.

Sitting in the neurologist’s office a couple weeks later listening to the doctor tell me that my EEG came back abnormal, I felt like I was in a dream. “I’m a healthy 25 year old nurse… how could I have Epilepsy??” She told me I had most likely had it for awhile. I was put on medications and haven’t had a seizure in over a month. I’m so proud now to be a part of a community, and be able to tell my story in the hopes that others will know they are not alone.

Adult living with epilepsy
Registered Nurse at a Fort Worth hospital