Living with epilepsy is not easy; and my epilepsy is not nearly as bad as others I know. But not living life to its fullest is even worse.

Living with epilepsy since third grade has been challenging. My Epilepsy presents new challenges whenever I have a seizure. I feel lousy and sick, I miss work (and school when I was younger) and my bottom lip swells up like a bad Botox overdose, among other things. Each seizure wipes me out and knocks me down. What do I do? I do allow myself a little time to feel sorry for myself. But then, I embrace and protect the healthy part of my life. And it is during the healthy part of my life when I take names and try to live large. How do I do that? First, I take my meds and the administering of them very seriously. Second, I have regular doctor visits and have honest discussions with my doctor about what is going on in my life. Third, I appreciate my family and friends. Last, I practice prayer and faith in a higher power and have fun.

Young adult living with epilepsy
Houston Support Group Member