My biggest struggle is with how people treat me differently than normal people my age. For example, I wish that people wouldn’t talk about my weaknesses from my epilepsy and other illnesses that I have negatively, behind my back or right in my face, laughing that I’m a disabled or treat me like an 8 year old that knows nothing about adulthood instead of a 28 year old just because that I act differently than normal people. Also, just because I act differently doesn’t mean that I know nothing about a normal person’s life, such as most often driving and relationship! To be honest, I am a sensitive while not thick-skinned person, so I feel hurt emotionally by those people’s words that may seem negative or a sharp attitude at me easily.

I would like others to treat people with epilepsy like normal people no matter whatever age they are, even if they may not talk nor act like that age. Such as don’t call a person in their twenties acting like an elementary school kid while instead encourage them that they are adults now while need to and/or can act like adults for they are 1 when they see epileptics talking and/or acting like a younger aged person than what they really are. Also to help the epileptic learn how to act more like their age when they see any epileptic having troubles completely acting like a full mature adult or whatever age stage they are in real person, not make fun of or talk behind epileptic’s backs negatively of how it takes a longer period of time for them to fully act like a normal person.

Candice Chou