When my daughter Francesca was diagnosed at age four, it was the beginning of a strength I never knew I had. Both Francesca and I live with Epilepsy. I myself began having seizures when I was seven years old; I am now 36. Frankie is now 10, and on the 20th of November she will have been seizure free for a year. As I mentioned before Frankie (that’s what she goes by) being diagnosed sparked a fire of strength and a goal to not ever let my baby girl lose who she is to Epilepsy as I felt I had growing up. We set out on a mission together to advocate and bring awareness as a team! Since 2011 we have been actively involved with EFTX, and this year was the biggest of all to us! Turning Fort Worth Purple and getting a proclamation from the City of Fort Worth recognizing November as Epilepsy Awareness month was the blessing of all blessing to us in our advocacy for the Epilepsy Community – an accomplishment that we will cherish forever! This year, this month, November Epilepsy Awareness month of 2016, has really solidified that strength and goal that we all can have! We are the voice of 65 million! It’s our lives, and it’s now or never!

Bonita Ocampo
Adult living with epilepsy/Parent to a child living with epilepsy
Volunteer for EFTX Dallas/Fort Worth