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Serving 176 of the 254 counties in Texas

The Epilepsy Foundation Texas’ goals include ensuring access to specialized medical care for those most in need, providing experiences to enrich the lives of individuals and families living with epilepsy, and delivering easy access to reliable information, resources and support services. Current Foundation activities include the following programs:

  • Adult Services – Adults diagnosed with epilepsy receive specialty medical care through one of the Foundation’s free medical clinics, advocacy, education, and social and support programs. A new wellness retreat and Family Camp Weekends have been implemented.
  • Children’s Services – Families of children diagnosed with epilepsy receive advocacy, education, social and support programs. Also provided are week-long recreational opportunities, for children ages 8 to 14, Camp Spike ‘n’ Wave® and Camp Neuron® and Kamp Kaleidoscope® for teens with epilepsy ages 15 to 19. A Transition Education Program is offered to teens (ages 12-19) and parents to help them learn how to become adults living with a chronic condition.  Topics include healthcare, school, work, social relationships, and seizure management.
  • Community Education – Up to date epilepsy information is available through in-services to businesses and community organizations. Teacher and school nurse trainings are provided through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • Information and Referral – Individuals diagnosed with epilepsy and their families can obtain accurate information about epilepsy and available programs and services in the region.
  • Support and Activity Groups – Adolescents, adults and parents gather to meet others coping with similar issues, make friends and gain support from the experiences of others.